Monday, August 30, 2010

Uh Oh. :/

Lets Start With the good of this Post.. Im Getting my braces off tomorrow.. appox. 22 hours :)
im very very excited. ! :)

and here goes the not-so-great.
School on Thursday.. Not including today thats like 3 days.. Sooo Upsetting.
and a New school to what is with this?!..
Im not looking forward to it..

Im not looking forward do doing lots of homework and having to practice my Trombone cause the music is 198472587349852985693025 times harder at NKEC.. plus NSJWE im gonna have to practice that like everyday..
PLUS sports practices and Choir.. geez.
so much for a social life.  :)

Oh well I like being busy..
also to add to that list is getting my Bronze medallion every Sunday for 3 hours starting on the 27,.. ugh

So my Birthday is on the 7th of November... guess what else is supposed to be happening on MY birthday..
I am gonna be away for the first NSJWE weekend and I am supposed to have a Medallion class.. yeah just tell me how that is supposed  to work out.?.. i have no idea. :)


1 comment:

  1. Just relax, hon. Everything will work out.
    Love you, Mom