Saturday, September 4, 2010

you hold me in your hands, you won't let me fall.

Hello fellow Bloggers. :)

I started High School tuesday :)... at first walking in to the building my whole body shaking.. i was soo nervous.. but now even after 2 days.. It's natural .. like i've been there forever..
It's so great.. people are super nice and its easy to get around.. I don't even know why I was scared. :)

I guess most things jsut work them selves out.. you don't need to be worrying about every little detail.. and I guess knowing me I shouldn't be giving this advice because I think about everything over and over , so i guess I should take my own advice.

I guess it also kinda relates to living in the land of "of only" . If only this, this and that happened.. of only I could change the way I said that.. If only that day was different.. If only I could take that back..
Well you can't so there is no point thinking about it 24/7 just live your life to the fullest and be yourself.

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  1. Me again!
    You will have an amazing year, just be yourself, stay true to God and be kind to others.
    Love you!!