Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hi all. :)
School has started and life is moving ahead full speed, no turning back.

The past weekend I was at camp with all my fellow choristers of the Annapolis Valley Honour Choir. :)
I was reluctant to go at first, but as every year before this I had an amazing time. Singing for hours on end, participating in workshops and learning new things plus catching up with all y old choir friends and making friends with the 1st years. :)

At the end of the Choir Camp weekend we always sing in the same church, Its amazing really what we as a choir of 50 some kids from grades 7-12 can have 1 practice on tuesday and then go to camp for like 1 day and come together to be ready for a performance on sunday. Just being with those kids the ones that have the same passion for music as you is incredible but what we can accomplish is just awesome.

One thing that I really wanted to write about was an exercise that we did, it was truly amazing. The exercise was basically we were numbered 1,2,1,2... and the 1's started out on whatever note the felt like singing and held it until they were out of breath and whenever the 2's felt they were ready or heard a note they wanted to sing they started singing a note and held it until they ran out of breath and it just happened over and over again. It was like recycling sound. After a couple minutes you could hear we started working together and then someone would throw in a random note. Once you were out of breath before you took another note to just sit with your eyes closed and listen to the sound migrating around the room. Then join into and contribute to the sound.
It was just so cool to listen and to hear.
We had comments after and one of my favorites was something our conductor said
"and soon all the chaos starts to make sense"
and that just really spoke to me because it kinda applied to my life at the moment to, just wanting to sing my own note and let everything else flow around and then all the chaos just starts to blend together..
Hopefully everything will just start making sense.

So sometimes just stop and listen to the notes people are trying to sing around you and join in when your ready,
Try to make the chaos around you start making sense. 



  1. Beautifully said, hon. I love you!

  2. I read it! I love reading your blog. Keep writing... and know that God wants you to be just who you are... the wonderful young woman he created you to be. xo