Sunday, October 3, 2010

We need to sing with all the voices of the mountains, :)

Hello Bloggers.,

Im pretty sure the only people that actually read my blogs are Emma, My best friend who is at this moment forcing me to update my blog and my mom. :)

So school is going so fast, almost like Mr. Rand when he gets started going through Math anwsers.. I can never keep up.
I can't believe that were already a month in, and I haven't blogged once, whoops.!

I was reading this book and this is a quote for your day
" I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure - try and please everybody"

School, is crazy and I'm not even playing any sports at the moment. but with all the homework.. omgosh.. its ridiculous.. you would think the teachers would give us a break.. yeah right.

So pretty much Music class Sing-a-longs are the best. Mark plays the piano like pro-ly :)
and "we" as in me Savanna and sometimes Leanne will sing..
If you go out and ask somebody my age their current favorite song at the moment you will get Eminems and Sean Kingston's and Beyonce's and Rhianna's and 39486398 other people..
but come ask me would you'.
actually I will save you the trip

I don't know if this will work as in turn into a link.. if not just copy and paste in the little bar thingy where the address to the website is.. (this is why I am not in computer tech.)
HA :)

This is pretty much just a catch up blog. ..
nothing that important...

So heres something more important.. I guess.

I've been thinking about this... and right now I really have to step up and let God come into my life.  I know he's always there for me and I really want to know that but I don't always appreciate it as much as I should. I need to live up to his expectations and I know that I'm not doing that right now and Im going to need help especially when I'm surrounded  with those who do not think like that..
I can tell he's really trying to show me his power and amazingness, I may be looking but I might not be SEEING... there is a difference.
I was talking to my friend who I have been friends with since we were tiny little tots. but we lost contact over the years until 1 or 2 years ago when we reconnected with my most favorite place in the whole wide world Malagash bible camp.
 I haven't seen her for a year since that time we reconnected there and I really wanna catch up.
I want to go vist her in PEI but who knows if thats ever going to happen. So we were talking and she said she was going to be in Halifax over the weekend for the Dave Crowder band concert at the rock church there. Amazing as it is that she happens to be in Halifax is that My Mom and Dad and Sister and I are going to that exact Concert..
So I do get to see her and reconnect and I am ecstatic.
Now that is what I call a God thing.. something you cannot explain why it is happening but you know its happening for a reason.

peace out.


  1. First comment !

    I love it when those "god things" happen. When something is way too ironic to just be a coincidence.

    See you at youth group tomorrow :)


    (Sorry if this shows up like ten times. My internet is broken.)

  2. You are awesome and I love you!!

  3. You CAN sing with all the voices of the mountains, Anna. Nice blog.

    Peace out, sista.

    btw, Kathryn asks me to make sure that you know it isn't her saying such foolishness. Here's a message from her (my interpretation of what she would likely say):

    Dear sister,

    I hope you are well. Blah blah blah. Yadda yadda yadda.

    Much love,