Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So, here she goes, my very first Blog Ever..
so school starts in 8 days.. and I GET MY BRACES OFF IN 6.. 
Im so very excited. I've heard retainers aren't that great but.. better that trying to get little bits of leftovers out of the little spaces in between the the little metal brackets cemented to your teeth.. doesn't sound that appealing eh? Its not fun. But at least my teeth are not as horridly crooked as they were before I got them on.. worth it?... I guess so. :)

High School.. 8 days.. I don't even wanna think about it.. Not that Im scared for the work, I know i'll be able to work it, Im not scared for any classes really. Im going to be busy with NSJWE and im also taking Band.. I play the Trombone.. I know that will be tougher than grade 8 band but oh well.. also i'm going into Honour Choir for the 3rd year.  So, i'm going to be pretty busy.
The only thing i'm, pretty nervous for is the change.. I know going into High School is going to be soo different and I know people are going to change..  thats what scares me.. I guess I've never had to deal with BIG changes before ones that could effect my future, I've never moved and I've been going to the same school since Primary. 

Who knows what adventures will be thrown my way.. 

Thats all for now. 


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